Bensheim 2023 – Luxor Fantastic / Comic convention

Hello folks,

We became a part of a big group of sellers throughout Germany who took part in it.
A part of our team had the chance to join and participate in the Luxor Fantastic Comin Convention in Germany this year!
The famous German cinema brand Luxor was the kind host of the event in many regions of the country.
Since the event was mainly based on comic characters, our team was invited to be one of the very few anime sellers and this gave us a chance to present our brand there which was fantastic!

We were super thrilled to meet so many of the people interested in our little corner booth!
In less than 2 hours, all of our Demon Slayer merch was almost completely sold out – proving how impactful and loved the anime became in the short amount of time that it has aired. (more new and awesome Demon Slayer products restoked soon!)

In the little free time that we had, we managed to snatch a few photos with the super cool Star Wars cosplayer group called – GERMAN GARRISON (

Thank you to the entire team behind the organization, the staff of the cinema, and all of the great people who made this experience unforgettable!
See you in 2024!